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완벽한 SEM 분석 결과를 얻기 위해서는 분석 샘플에 맞는 전처리 과정이 중요합니다.

아래에 사이트에서 다양한 샘플들의 전처리 팁과 요령을 알아보세요.

더 자세한 내용은 ThermoFisher SCIENTIFIC 홈페이지에서 확인하실 수 있습니다.  

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And significantly increase the quality of your SEM analyses.
Sample preparation is crucial if you require high-quality SEM images.
To obtain great results from the most common samples, you need to know exactly how to prepare them for your SEM analysis.
Want to become a sample preparation expert today? Our Sample Preparation E-guide will help you improve your skills and deliver high-quality images – fast.
Discover the best tips and tricks for preparing:
Non-conductive samples
Magnetic samples
Beam-sensitive samples
Powders and particles
Samples containing moist or outgassing samples
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