Study gemstones with EDXRF and analyze steel with SEM

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이번 뉴스레터에서는 XRF를 활용한 보석 연구, Desk-top SEM을 이용한 금속강 불량 분석에 대한 최신 기술을 소개합니다.
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Materials science news from Thermo Fisher Scientific
In this issue, we have resources for two techniques: energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence for elemental mapping and desktop SEM imaging for steel analysis. Plus, get a preview of our plans for Microscopy Conference 2023.
Studying the homogeneity of tourmaline gemstones with EDXRF
Tourmalines are well-known, valuable gemstones available in a variety of colors. Chemically, tourmalines belong to the family of silicate minerals. Besides the major elements, tourmalines might contain a variety of trace elements such as Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ga, Sr, Sn, Ba, and Pb, which can be used to identify the geographical origin of the stone.
Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) can be used to quantify major, minor, and trace elements in gemstones and serves as a cost-effective alternative to laser-ablation inductively coupled-plasma mass spectrometry. EDXRF is an entirely non-destructive technique and allows for quick analysis with limited operator training.
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Watch on demand: Demonstration of Avizo Software for batteries and energy materials characterization
Watch the demonstration of Thermo Scientific Avizo Software and learn how this analytical software solution provides quick and accurate understanding of batteries and energy materials. You will discover how this enables significant improvements in terms of speed and quality of the entire manufacturing process and research cycle.
Watch this webinar to:
Easily visualize an entire battery cell and analyze defects in the 3D volume
Characterize cathode materials in 2D (grains, cracks, binder, matrix)
Characterize cathode materials in a full 3D volume (grains, cracks, binder, matrix)
Merge and analyze multiple modalities from a single interface (Volume and Chemical information)
Compute tortuosity through Pore Network Modeling from one application
Use AI and Deep Learning to overcome segmentation challenges
Accelerate segmentation through interactive techniques
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Desktop SEMs for failure analysis and process improvement in steel manufacturing
This versatile solution for high-quality imaging and elemental analysis of steel samples provides the data needed for efficient production of high-value steels. Rapid, easy analysis allows you to quickly respond to customer claims of faults and failures while the automated steel inclusion analysis provides insight into the steelmaking process.
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Service and support for your materials research
Your groundbreaking research and analysis demand not just the industry’s best electron microscopes but also the expertise and support to help you get the most from your instrument. By integrating digital and connected elements with hands-on expert care, our service offerings can help you improve the speed and reliability of your workflow and optimize the performance of your system to achieve faster time to data.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific at Microscopy Conference 2023
We’re looking forward to seeing you face to face in Darmstadt, the City of Science, for Microscopy Conference 2023. Visit our booth to see our wide range of microscopy workflow solutions, including TEMs, FIB-SEMs, and a comprehensive portfolio of SEMs. Technical experts will be on hand to answer all your questions about our demos, presentations, posters, and abstracts.
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More Events:
MEOS-GEO – February 19 – February 21, 2023 – Bahrain
iCT 2023 – February 27 – March 02, 2023 – Fürth, Germany
TMS 2023 – March 19 – March 23, 2023 – San Diego, CA, USA